Apocalypse Warlord 6x6 Ram 1500 TRX wears its name well

Apocalypse warlord ram 1500 trx 1

Florida-based Apocalypse specializes in building trucks that look like they're ready for, well, the apocalypse. One of its wildest and most powerful builds is a six-wheel-drive, Ram 1500 TRX-based monster called Warlord, and Barrett-Jackson is selling one of the few units built.

Ram's hot-rodded TRX already stands out as one of the most impressive pickup trucks on the market; it's powered by the vaunted 6.2-liter, supercharged Hellcat V8 tuned to 702 horsepower and it features nearly a foot of ground clearance. Apocalypse builds on these solid foundations by adding a second set of driven rear wheels, 37-inch tires on all three axles, and a 750-horsepower evolution of the Hellcat V8. Enthusiast website Muscle Car & Trucks reports that there's also a custom-designed suspension system built with Bilstein components.

The end result is a behemoth that's 294 inches long, 94 inches tall, and capable of towing 12,000 pounds. Visual modifications include 20-inch wheels, KC lights above the cab, and "WAR" lettering on both ends, where you'd expect to see "RAM." Inside, there's black and red leather and suede upholstery plus a long list of tech features shared with the standard, four-wheeled TRX. What's not included is a stepladder, which you may need in order to hop inside the cab, though power-operated side steps help reduce the size of the jump.

If you want one, you're in luck: there is a Warlord looking for a new home at Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale 2022 sale, which runs between January 22 and 30. The truck is scheduled to cross the auction block on the 29th at 6 p.m. mountain time. It's offered with no reserve, so the highest bidder will take it home, but don't expect to score a bargain. Apocalypse charges $250,000 before options are factored in.